02 September 2009

South African Math and Science Curriculum Resource

Here is a great online, free Math and Science curriculum. For those who are concerned about the NCS, this curriculum is aligned to the NCS, but is unlike others I have seen. It is a project of the Shuttleworth foundation, found on the website Maths Excellence.

You will find Science Textbooks, for Grade 4 to Grade 12. I could not imagine using these alone as my curriculum, I'd add lots of interesting library books and field trips to it if it was the only resource I had. THe Grade 4 material is set out in modules. Each module consists of assignments. I appreciated the use of animals and situations familiar to South Africans in the assignments. For example, Rooibos tea is used as an example of a useful plant.

The Maths Textbooks, Grade 0- 9 come with teacher guides. I found the foundation phase maths full of useful advice for the teacher, and advice on how to use manipulatives is included. I tested the Grade 2 material on my son. The scheme of work, for this Grade, is a little odd, at least to my mind, with some rather difficult concepts in early modules, and some rather easy concepts in modules that are designed for the last term of the year. However, you could adapt it to suit your child.

Most of the activities were fun and different, not the typical dumbed down workbook "fill in the blanks". No colour, back and white worksheets. Used with the ideas in the TG I think this could be a very good curriculum. And it's all free!

I have not tested nor viewed the Grade 10, 11, 12 Math and would not know how to comment as it is way out of my field of experience;-) The link takes one offsite.

I'd love to hear your feedback about this resource.

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